Dark place

Today, while sitting at Starbucks I got an unexpected IM from my ex.  I didn’t expect to hear from.  At first, he came on strong, but I didn’t come back at him and he was able to settle down and we had a conversation.  It has been awhile since we conversed.  Even though it was relatively short, I enjoyed talking to him again.

I told him, that after everything that has happened, all that had been said, I am still here for him, that I still care about him.  I let him know that I still consider him a friend.  He didn’t respond to that, but I think he heard me for the first time in a long time.

I really hope that everything works out for him and that he can get his life stabalized.  I realize he is in a dark place at the moment.  I pray that some light shines down soon.


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