Do I or don’t I?

I have been searching, trying to find a job.  It seems either that nobody is hiring or if they are, there are 500 applicants for the one job.  Everyday I go onto careerbuilder or monster looking for jobs.  Everyday I apply to what seems like a million jobs.  Nobody calls.

Finally, I got a call.  It’s not the greatest job in the world, but it’s a job.  I had the interview today and it seemed to have went well.  They said they will call me next week and let me know when the training class is, which I find confusing.  Not once was I told that I actually have the job.  I talked to two guys after the interview on the phone and I came home and got a message that one of them called here and said for me to call back to schedule training.  Why didn’t he just tell me that when I was on the phone with him or call my cell phone and tell me?  Grr.

So, based on that I am optimistic that I have the position.  That is what I am going to hold on to so I can get through the weekend.


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