Healthcare that doesn’t

Why does getting the medical attention one needs cost so damned much?  Shouldn’t it be a right for everyone in this country to get healthcare?  Isn’t every life worth the same?

My bestfriend Kevin is having some medical issues.  Last Thursday he called from work, asking me to come pick him up to take him to the hospital.  I dropped everything I was doing and went to get him.

He was at work when all of the sudden a sharp, jabbing pain started in his right lower abdomen.  It became increasingly worse until he was no longer able to stand.  When I got to his job they wheeled him out in a wheelchair.  He could barely get into my car.  It took 3 people to get him into the car.

We arrive at the hospital and I parked in front of the emergency room and ran in to get a wheelchair so he can get into the hospital.  I wheeled him in and put him in the admission line.  I then went to go park the car.  When I got back inside, the line hadn’t moved.  It took at least 30 minutes for him to get to the admission window.  We then went into the general waiting room for someone to call him back.  We sat there at least 30 minutes before another friend, Maranda came to sit with us.

Finally, he got called back to get his vitals taken.  Maranda and I sit in the waiting room for another half hour or so.  Eventually someone came and got us and took us back to him.  Again, we waited and waited and watied for a Doctor to finally come.  Based on the symptoms Kevin was having, the Doctor thought he might have a kidney stone.  He ordered a CAT scan.  So, the wait continued.  More time goes by and finally the come and take him to get one done.  He comes back and they leave him in the hall because there are no rooms available.  Finally one becomes available and they take him there.  Shortly therafter, the Doctor came in and said that the CAT scan didn’t show any signs of kidney stones.  The Doctor said that he thinks he may have a hernia, but isn’t ruling out appendicitis.  Basically, the diagnosis was “We don’t know what is wrong so we are just guessing”.  He said for Kevin to follow up with his primary doctor, which is all well and good, but he, like me, does not have medical insurance.

Here it is, Monday evening and Kevin hasn’t gotten any better.  In fact, it seems it may be getting worse.  Someone at work informed Kevin about a clinic that he may be able to go to for cheap or better yet, free.

I am worried about him and hope that he is Okay.  And since I am now 2 hours away, I can’t be there for him like I would like to be.

My thoughts and prayers are with him.


My friend went back the ER today.  The doctor completely misdiagnosed him on Thursday.  It turned out that he had an impacted bowel.  They did, um, what they needed to um, flush him out.  Yeah.

I always knew he was full of shit.  Now, I have proof.  Ha ha!


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