The goat and the virgin

Capricorn.  The sign of the goat.  A very compatable sign to my own, Virgo.  Someone of this sign should get along harmoniously with my own sign.

Why is it that, whenever I met a Capricorn, they do nothing but drive me crazy?  I have found each and everyone sneaky.  Sneaky and aloof.

My latest ex was a Capricorn.  He was never very open with his thoughts or emotions.  He always seemed to be hiding something.  He never really talked about himself.  He talked about obvious things, things you could easily pick up just by paying attention.  He never talked about what was really deep down, or his past.  I got bits and pieces from him and other people, I know there is more than met the eye.  Yet, he would never divulge any of the details.

This is not just exclusive to him.  My ex before him was also a Capricorn.  He too was sneaky and aloof.  He talked about obvious things but nothing deeply personal.  It took me 7 months to find out that he was in the Navy at one point.

I also have had friends that were Capricorns.  They weren’t any different.  Same deal.  Sneaky and aloof.

I don’t really put a lot of belief in the Zodiac, but I find it a curiosity that 3 people with the same sign acted very much the same.

Let’s hope my lesson has been learned.  Stick with Taurus and Scorpio.


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