The mcc and me

Today I attended services at the MCC in Rehoboth.  It was a nice, albeit older congregation.  I was by far the youngest in the crowd.  It is not very much like what I experienced at the MCC in Charlotte, NC.

The MCC in Charlotte, as mentioned in a previous post, was a mixed crowd of people from very young to very old.  It was nothing I had ever seen before.  I enjoyed myself when I went.  I think I would feel at home there.

When I went to the one in Rehoboth, I was hoping to find people around my age, someone to relate to, to make new friends.  I was hoping to find a place that I could go to to heal.  I feel the need to become a part of something, to find connections that I currently do not have.

That is not to say that I won’t go back, I most likely will.  It just didn’t have the same feeling as the one I went to before.


2 comments on “The mcc and me

  1. No matter the demographic or denomination, Charlotte is a very church-centered city. With over 700 churches, it was easier to find a mix of people. I’m finding that it’s not the same other places where younger people tend to be more agnostic. But don’t be discouraged, appreciate being around older people. There’s a lot of insight they can offer.

  2. Thank you for your insight. It is very true that older people offer a lot of insight and wisdom that I myself do not yet possess. I was just hoping to find here what I found there. It was something wonderful that I would love to be part of.

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