The primordial scream

I feel like screaming, a primordial scream.  I feel it bubbling just under the surface, sitting in my chest like a pile of rocks.  I feel the need to flee, but from what I do not know.  It grows a little more with each passing hour.  I don’t know what the cause is.  It has been with me all day.

Nothing I seem to do abates it.  I thought of taking a drive, maybe somehow losing it somewhere, but I don’t see that helping.  I thought that blogging, getting words out, would help.  But that isn’t helping either.

I think I will take that drive afterall.  Maybe driving, blaring the radio and screaming my primordial scream will be the best thing for me.


2 comments on “The primordial scream

  1. Your primordial scream post, your tag line about finding your bliss – these were just there when needed today. Thank you for this – simply thank you.

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