Going home?

Sometimes things spring up on you without rhyme or reason.  As I have mentioned earlier, I really don’t feel like I belong in Delaware.  I just don’t fit in.

Today, I was chatting with an old friend on-line and told him that I am looking to find a roommate as I cannot stand my 2 hour commute to and from work.  It is killing me.  I am exhausted all the time.  He told me that I can move in with him and be his roommate.  And when he told me what he would charge me for rent per month, I nearly fell out of the chair!  It’s ridiculously cheap.

The best part of it is, it is home.  I would be living in New Jersey again.  I know I said that there wasn’t anything left for me in NJ, but it is familiar.  There, just maybe, I can remember who I used to be.  I can find the “happier” me.  I can reconnect with those who used to be part of my life, but lost touch with.


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