I’ve got questions, who has answers?

I have been giving a lot more thought to moving away.  The more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  For starters, the job market here is terrible.  I got laid off from my last job in the beginning of November.  I just now found a job in February.  It was the first job that came along, so I took it.  It is not at all something that I am comfortable doing.  I will live with it until I manage to find something better.

The thought of moving away is exciting, yet overwhelming.  I have no idea how to begin the process.  I don’t know where I want to move.  Things I am looking for in my new city are:  a strong job market, fairly large gay populace, culture and a reasonable cost of living.

Once I decide on the where, I have to focus on the how.  That part is really confusing to me.  While I have lived in three states, they are all neighboring states, so it was not exactly a big move.  Since I am not moving because of work, do I try and find a job from here?  That raises the question of how do I do interviews?  I can schedule them for about the same time, I assume, but what if it doesn’t work out that way?  If I decide to move to, say California, it’s quite expensive to fly there from Philadelphia.  Once might be Okay, but every time?

Should I save up a pile of money and then move out to wherever I want my new home to be then look for a job?  That does seem to be the easiest way, yet the most uncertain.  What if I can’t find a job out there?  What if, in the long run, I don’t like it?

So many questions, so little answers.  I have always wanted to do this and I figure now is the time before I get too old.  Now really does seem the right time to do this.  I just need to figure out how.


4 comments on “I’ve got questions, who has answers?

  1. I never have understood how some people can manage to move around as much as they do. The financial part of it baffles me, because moving expenses are no where near cheap. But I admire people who can move around like that and find comfort in it. I can’t offer any real advise because I’ve lived in the same state and city for my entire life, but luck to you on your adventure!

  2. I know what you mean by the financial part. When I moved from New Jersey to Delaware, the moving truck alone cost me about $500. And that was only a 90 mile move.

    In a way, I admire you. I think it would be nice to live in one place for my entire life. I imagine the sense of community and home must be far stronger than someone who has lived there only a short time, even if they have lived there for years.

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