One month

It has been one month today since my relationship ended.  Overall, it has been mostly a positive thing for me.  Since January 24th, I have met new people, gone on a few dates, got a new job and found out that I may have a heart condition.

Assuming my heart does not explode I hope to continue my streak of progress.  On the journey I have only just begun, I hope to go back to school, relocate, get a better job and just be happy for once.


2 comments on “One month

  1. Sounds like you’re moving right on along however, the way this reads, “Just be happy for once” reads to be on your list of hopes.

    I know it sounds trite and is so cliche by now but, don’t let shit stand in the way of your happiness. So, you may not like the job you have now or were you’re living but, find something you enjoy doing and do it and most of all, let yourself be happy.

    Life truly is what you make of it.

    And by all means, get the heart condition looked into, there are people out there who do care about you.

  2. Just came around your blog. Read a few articles. Sorry to hear about your heart condition. Dont let that stop you.. I have a vision problem, so i can relate on how it could feel to have something that is a possible ticking time bomb. Hasnt stopped me yet. Im sure you feel the same way too.. TC.. xoxo.. Jeremy

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