The bumpy road

On the road of chaos you will eventually find your bliss.  That is what I keep telling myself.  So far, that road has been bumpy.  I am still searching even though I have not figured out what for.  I honestly feel that whatever I am looking for won’t be found here.

My life has become static, similar to what it was before.  It hasn’t taken long for me to become bored.  I need change and I need that change now.  I still feel like moving somewhere different is my best option.  I have not decided where I would like to go as of yet.

I have been dating.  I have been seeing someone who lives around the corner from me.  It is nothing serious.  I honestly don’t know if now is the time to start a relationship, unless they are willing to come with me on my journey.

I have been talking with someone on-line who simply fascinates me.  He is intelligent, artistic and very good looking.  He even has a potbelly pig!  Every day we message each other back and forth.  It’s like the movie “You’ve Got Mail”.  I really would love to meet him.  Unfortunately, he lives in Asheville, NC.  That is about 450 miles from me.

Ironically enough, Asheville was on my list of potential places prior to “meeting” him.  If nothing else, should I choose to move there, he can help me out by showing me around.


4 comments on “The bumpy road

  1. Concentrating on the end goal only makes the journey more frustrating when that goal is not yet reached. I’ve found that the things I thought I wanted ended up coming to me in some form or another only after I surrendered and stopped looking. I became vulnerable and let myself experience the journey as opposed to trying to control it.

  2. Damn, talk about the universe giving you signs. There is no such thing as coinsidence and the most ironic things are usualy the universe saying “STOP and listen to me DAMN IT!”.

    Maybe you should start looking my seriously at NC insted of it just being on a list.

  3. I think you are right. It is ironic that someone, out of the blue starts messaging me from one of the few places that I have been considering moving. I will give it a little time and see how it goes.

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