One thousand

Wow!  When I started this blog I never thought I would keep doing it.  Its soul purpose in life began as an outlet for me.  I needed to get what I was feeling out into the open to keep myself from falling apart.

Now, two months later, this blog is still going strong.  It has gone from an outlet to an on-line journal of my life.  I still find it therapeutic and enjoy getting my thoughts out for the world to see.

I have just broken a thousand hits.  Pretty cool.


3 comments on “One thousand

  1. hy there!!!!!hope u doing just f9 & gr8!!this is just to congrats u on hitting 1000!thgh me from Pakistan but still i find ur writings so relevent and ilike your writing so much that i finished most of it in one sitting….i fell so related to ur writing ideas;job,social life, etc etc …every thing is so wellthoughtout and sep. well written!!!!

    Just jeep writing!

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