Thirteen and a half

So, yesterday was Friday the 13th.  Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I guess the recurrence of the number 13 had nothing to do with that.  13 still has been showing up.  Today, I was playing a game with friends and I kept getting the number 13.  I really want to know what it means!  It’s driving me crazy!

I did buy a lottery ticket yesterday.  Maybe I got the winning ticket?  Ha ha.  I highly doubt it.  Just in case, I already have the house picked out that I will buy.

In other news, my relationship is building.  He really is a sweet guy and I cannot help myself.  He is very affectionate and really does treat me like a prince.  He is everything my ex was not.  Affectionate, loving, sweet, attentive, human.


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