Ignorance is not always bliss

Tonight, I logged onto gay.com.  I went into the other room and came back and received a private message from someone*.  This is that message:

ignoramus: hey
ignoramus: (my ex) give yu hiv
Me: what?
ignoramus: you know (my ex) is hiv positive right
Me: i know he is
ignoramus: u have it too
Me: no, i do not
ignoramus: you better check
Me: i’ve been tested twice
ignoramus: whyw would you risk it
Me: if i am safe i am not at risk
ignoramus: it may not show up for a while
Me: yeah…we were always safe
ignoramus: ou can still get it even from kissing idiot
Me: umm…idot you can’t get it that way
Me: do some research
ignoramus: yes if he had a cut in his oth and did not know it
ignoramus: mouth
Me: if you say so
ignoramus: fucking aids carriers
Me: seriously, ignorance isn’t always bliss

One, what would possess some random stranger to message me and say that?  Two, if you are a gay man GET EDUCATED.  Know the facts.  You cannot get HIV from a kiss.  Third, I just found the whole thing to be ignorant.
*The name has been changed to protect the stupid.

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