Spring cleaning

Time to do some Spring cleaning.  I have already gotten rid of a lot of dead weight, but I still have more to get rid of.  It is time to let go of the things and people that bring me down.

I need to let go of my bad habits.

I need to quit smoking.  It has become the bane of my existence.  It is something that controls me, and I hate that.  I plan the things I do in my life around smoking.  I would love to let this one go for good.

I need to stop putting myself down.  I always feel inadequate, no matter what.  I always feel as if I am somehow “less”.  Less attractive, less intelligent, less worthy of the good in life than others.  I need to realize that I am as good as anyone else.

I also need to stop going for people that are bad for me.  My problem is that I am too trusting and take people at face value.  Even when I see the writing on the wall, I try to see the good in them and overlook the screaming signals.  I need to listen to my instincts and get as far away from them as I possibly can.

I need to learn to love and accept me.  I am a decent person.  I have a big heart and tend to wear it on my sleeve.  I have to realize that I am good enough.


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