I keep thinking about last night.  It really bothers me.  He was not the first person to  show animosity regarding my ex.  A lot of people it seems had a problem with me dating someone who is HIV positive.

I had an acquaintance call me a bug chaser.  I had no idea at that time what that was.  I had to Google it.  I am certainly not a bug chaser.  I have many people question my HIV status.  It seems I now have HIV by association.  I have noticed that certain people who were interested in me prior to my ex no longer are.

I freely admit, my ex’s HIV status was a hurdle for me in the beginning.  I had a lot of reservations regarding it.  Instead of just turning and running in the other direction, I went and sought out answers to my questions.  I sat down with an HIV counselor and found out everything I needed to know.

Apparently this person had a grievance with my ex and somehow I became a target by association.  As much as my ex and I have our differences, I don’t think it is fair to target him that way.  He does not hide the fact that he is positive and would never, as far as I know,  do anything to put anyone in harms way regarding that.

I don’t feel someone should be condemned because they have HIV.  They are still, after all, a human.  A human who is more than their HIV status.


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