The time has come

I am now down to the wire and do not know what to do.  The house has been sold and we have to be out of it by 9:30 am on Monday morning.

Yesterday, I decided that there was not much here for me and that I am going to leave for North Carolina on Monday morning.  I told my boyfriend this decision.  He, as expected, was not happy with this decision.  He did tell me that he understands my reasons for doing this.

This morning, I woke up and am now second guessing myself.  What if going down there is a HUGE mistake?  Should I stay here and face more of the same, with the hopes that I will be able to find a decent job?

I have, in essence, 3 days to figure this all out.  The decision I make cannot easily be undone.  Needless to say, I am under a great amount of stress and feel like I can crack at any given moment.


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