A letter to texas

When I read that article, I sent an e-mail to all of the councilmen as well as the mayor of Fort Worth, Texas. My e-mail went like this:

Dear Mr. Moncrief,

I have just heard about what happened at the Rainbow Lounge. This is

Your officers justify assaulting and possibly killing a HUMAN BEING
just because they allegedly made advances on them? I HIGHLY doubt
that any officer was groped, as it is alleged. What I believe is that
it was an excuse to commit a hate crime.

Yes, that is what I, and many other Americans believe. That your
police force commited a hate crime. And this story has reached far
beyond Texas. I live in Delaware.

If ignorance is bliss, then Texas must be frolicking deliriously.



What surprised me was, less than 10 minutes later, I got a response from Jungus Jordan who is the Council Member of District 6 in Fort Worth. His e-mail reply was this:


Thank you for your email concerning the unfortunate incident at the Rainbow Lounge. I have called for a complete and thorough investigation of this matter, and that all findings be formally reported to the full City Council.

Fort Worth has earned its well-established reputation as a community where all people are treated with respect. We pride ourselves on our active practice of the “Golden Rule” because we sincerely believe and adhere to the principles of individual liberty and common courtesy.

I firmly believe that ours is the finest, best-trained professional police department in the world, and any violation of civil rights by any citizen or employee will not be tolerated. Chief Halstead has guaranteed the citizens and Council this investigation will be handled in full compliance with the highest standards of conduct, civil rights and integrity.

I personally assure you that my fellow Council Members and I will insist upon the thorough scrutiny of this incident, and fully evaluate all the facts before issuing any official rulings.

Again, thank you for your inquiry.

Jungus Jordan
Council Member
City of Fort Worth
District 6

I hope that his reply was simply not lip service. I sincerely hope that something is done and that those who committed what I consider to be hate crimes, are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.


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