Here we go…again

Lately, I have been thinking about quitting smoking for about the 9,878,987th time. I am still in the “debate” stage. I am equally divided as to whether or not I really want to quit. As much as I hate to smoke, I secretly like it.

I have tried and failed so many times that I now have the “why bother” mentality.  I know, statistically, that it takes more than one attempt to quit.  What if I am never successful?  What if I just can’t beat it?

On some things, I have will power made of iron.  When I want something, I make it happen.  Other times, I have no will power and cave at the slightest temptation.  I guess I need to figure out how to control my will power a bit better.

This time around, I am considering taking Chantix.  I have tried it before, and for the most part, had good results-I think.  I still smoked off and on while using it.  I know that was a bad idea, but I could also not smoke and be Okay.  I think I should have taken it for a month or two longer.  The only problem with Chantix is it’s price.  It is not covered by my insurance, and the cost was something like $160 a month when I was on it two years ago.  I am not sure I am willing to spend that much money on something that may or may not work.


2 comments on “Here we go…again

  1. I quit smoking almost three weeks ago. Cold turkey. And I STILL have almost unbearable urges to light up from time to time. But, that is what I figured out… that it’s all about mind over body. It’s about having more will power and showing more strength than that of the cravings. And, it’s also really important to have a solid support system. None of my friends, nor my fiance, will EVER give me a cigarette, even when I’m literally begging for one.

    I also learned that it only takes 2-3 days for the nicotine to leave your system after you quit. It’s the HABIT that’s the hardest to break. You know, giving up that after dinner smoke, or that first one of the day, or the last one of the day, or any of the others you’re used to having at certain times during the day. It’s THOSE moments that are the hardest to get by.

    Good luck to you. It’ll be sooo worth it once you decide to actually beat the addiction.

  2. Congratulations on quitting smoking! The habitual part of smoking has always been my downfall. I HAVE to have that cigarette. If I don’t, it becomes all consuming and I just eventually cave. I will rationalize it somehow, with such weak excuses as “it is only one” or “I will do better tomorrow”.

    Ugh…I wish I never started smoking.

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