Darkness falls

I am sitting here, all alone.  My Partner is in the ER with his friend who is sick.  I am here, in this house….alone.  It seems…well…that we have two ghosts here.

One, is a human entity.  We both have seen it as well as felt it’s presence.  It seems it tries to stay out of our way and stay in one of our unoccupied rooms.  It does show it’s presence by knocking and banging on random occasions.  We both have seen it as a “shadow” walking through the living room.

The other presence here, we believe, oddly enough, is a cat.  Yes, I said it, a cat.  I have seen it, it appears to be either gray or black.  I see it out of the corner of my eye, walking towards the couch and jumping up onto it, then disappearing.  I have been stretched out on the couch, stretched my legs out, and felt something curled up at the end of the couch.  When I look, of course, nothing is there.

The “problem” ghost seems to be the cat.  It seems to like me, as I feel it around me all the time.  It seems to follow me and stay around me.  The problem is, it seems to not like Thom, my partner.  He keep getting these scratches, that look like cat scratches, that appear on his body, that we have no explanation for.  Some appear as he is sitting in the chair watching t.v.  I am not quite sure what to make of all this.

I am not scared.  I am unsettled.  I have lived with the paranormal before.  I have just never experienced it when it attacks someone.  So far, it just seems to be limited to him.  I almost want to interact with it and do my own “ghost hunt”.  I want answers.  Who are they?  Why are the here?  And what do they want?

I am about to go to sleep here for the first time by myself.  Wish me luck.


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