You look good for your age…

I’m tired of hearing that.  Really, I am.

What is wrong with just “You look good”?  Period.

I went out clubbing in New York City and was told that.  I have been told that several times since.  I am only 36.  I could understand if I were in my 50s.  But seriously, being in my 30s and mistaken for being in my 20s then being told that I look good for my age is a bit trite.

Why is the gay community so hung up with age?  Why is it that 30 somethings want someone in their 20s?  I really don’t get it.  Are we, as a community that vain?  What the hell does a 21 year old have in common with a 38 year old?

I guess I am different in that regard.  I want someone around my age.  I want someone that I can grow old with, not that I can watch grow old or vice versa.


One comment on “You look good for your age…

  1. I think the gay community IS that vain. We seem to be caught up in the most superficial things, not only in the way we dress but yeah how old he looks! I wish there were gay people out there who primarily search for personality traits instead of physical.
    No you arent the only one.

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