My brain hurts


I finally get a moment where I don’t have to do anything.  Other than being bored, I’m not sure what to do with myself.  So, I have decided to go to Starbucks.  I spend entirely too much time (and money) here.

School is going well.  It  is proving to be a wee bit harder than I anticipated.  I was not counting on the amount of math involved.  Math is not my strong suit.  Not even close.  This makes more poor little brain hurt.  I’m sure there must be smoke coming out of my ears.

And these math problems don’t make sense to me.  They don’t make sense to anyone else I have shown them to. Questions such as “A monthly mortgage payment is $980.00 and the balance of the mortgage is $118,000 payable at an interest rate of 6.5%.  How much of the next mortgage payment will be applied towards the reduction of principle?”.

Why not call the mortgage company and ask like a normal person?

There are a lot of these types of questions.

I asked a friend of mine who is a Realtor about the math.  She told me that math is used all that much in the real world.  She said that there are other ways to find out the information and that some of it changes on a  daily basis.

Just more frustration for me.  Grrr.

End of rant.




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