Holy shit!

On Friday, September 2, 2016, I turned 43!  Where the hell did the time go?  It seems like I just turned 21.

I kinda feel lost in this new digital world.  Snapchat, Vine, Instagram; etc.  This stuff didn’t exist when I was the targeted age of those apps.  I had AOL.  Yay!

I started going online in 1993.  With a dial up modem.  28.8 Kbs!  Oh baby!  I hoped I didn’t get a speeding ticket on the Information Super Highway!  It also included 3 months of Prodigy!  Woo hoo!  Prodigy was boring, by the way.

My online life changed when I got an AOL disk in a magazine I purchased that included 1 month of free AOL!  (AOL, in case you don’t know is America On Line).

AOL was cool.  The chat rooms!  I spent A LOT of time in them.  I mean A LOT.  I met my first boyfriend in a chat room there.  It was in the SouthJerseym4m (I think) room.  My screen-name was something like SJGUY609 and his was something like SJDUDE609.  I messaged him.  I meant for it to be nothing more than a hookup, but it turned into a 4 year relationship.  This was 1995.  We are still friends to this day.

In this modern digital age, do things like this happen?  Grindr, Jack’d, Scruff, Tinder.  In my time we had the aforementioned AOL and gay.com.

Today, I found out that gay.com is no more.  It changed formats on August 1st.  I got no emails stating there would be a change.  All of my friends, pictures, chats; etc, gone.  I have been a member since either 1998 or 1999.  It was the original Grindr.  I met a lot of people on there, some turned out to be long term friends and I had a few relationships from that site.  I’m sad to see it is gone.

The wheel of time marches on.  Either you keep up or get left behind.  I am fairly abreast on new tech as well as trends, but sometimes I long for the old days.  Whatever happened to chat rooms?  I guess another casualty of emerging tech.  If I want to meet new people, I need to use Grindr, Jack’d and Scruff.  But that isn’t good for finding people who just want to talk all around the country or world.

How about you?  Do you miss the simplicity of the old days?  Do you think it is better today?  Tell me what you think!



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